Location: Lansdowne - Occasional · Vendor Since: 2006
Vendor(s): Mike & Crystal Kositsin
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Honey and Maple Syrup, Personal Care Products

Liquid Honey
Creamed Honey
Honey Comb
Chocolate Honey Syrup
Honey Lollipops
Honey (Hard) Candy
Beeswax Body Butter
Beeswax & Honey Soap
Beeswax Lip Balm
Shaved Ice with Honey Sweetened Syrup
Honey Sweetened Drinks
Beeswax Hair Paste
Honey Ketchup

About Ottawa Valley Honey

Our family has been beekeeping in the Ottawa Valley for over 70 years. Taking pride in what we bring to your table, we add nothing to the pure product we harvest from the hive. With this philosophy in mind, we do not pasteurize our honey. The past few years we have also focused on developing all natural beauty products. We offer honey & beeswax soap, beeswax body butter and beeswax lip balm. Our yards are from Renfrew to Kinburn. And we are always looking for new locations to bring a different flavour to your table!



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