I was told as a child (and I’m sure many of you were as well) that if you ate all the carrots on your plate your eyesight would improve. As a young boy, I recall finishing my dinner and rushing to the window to test my sharp-as-a-hawk eyesight. As I grew older and less gullible (or so I thought), I started to believe that my mom used the old wives’ tale to ensure I ate all my vegetables. Now much older and more interested in food, I decided to dig a little deeper in to what makes carrots so good for you. What I found out took me by surprise. Turns out while our parents may have thought they were merely tricking us, there is some truth behind the tale. In fact, carrots contain a pigment called beta-carotene, which gives them their bright colors and is converted by our bodies into Vitamin A, an important nutrient for eye health.

This Saturday at the Westboro Farmers’ Market in Byron Park, I will help improve your eyesight as I showcase carrots in a variety of recipes at Taste of the Season. Taste of the Season is the market tasting tent where we feature seasonal produce and products made by our farmers and artisans in creative recipes. Come by to taste test our free samples and inspire your taste buds.

This week’s featured carrot recipes:

Here is a photo of the raw carrot cake that I tested earlier this week. It was a huge hit with all my family and friends!

Carrots of all colours – white, orange and purple – have been available at the market since early July and continue into winter, when they only get sweeter.

This guest post is by Matthew Bicknell. Originally from White Rock, British Columbia, Matthew Bicknell is getting his fill of food as a chef-in-training at Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and working with the Ottawa Farmers’ Market to bring us recipes that make our vegetables sing.

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