Location: Lansdowne Winter Market · Vendor Since: 2017
Vendor(s): Resa Solomon-St. Lewis
Telephone Number:
(613) 859-6297
Payment Methods:
cash, visa, mastercard, amex

Product Type:
Prepared Foods & Baked Goods


Caribbean lifestyle foods, beverages and meals with lifestyle options (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). Made from scratch by Baccanalle, leveraging our strong relationships with local farmers for ingredients. We look forward to sharing and posting recipes and recipe tip cards for added value to customers.

Our menu on any given market day would include a selection from the items below:

Jamaican-style patties (meat, poultry, vegan) Prepared (packaged - cold/frozen) Caribbean meals/dishes:
1. Caribbean Jerk chicken dish/meal/sandwich/salad
2. Trini-style Curried goat dish/meal
3. Trini-style Curried chicken dish/meal
4. Trini-style vegan curry/vegan curry meal dish/meal
5. Baccanalle Signature condiments (Signature Dry Spice Blend, Cranberry-Hibiscus Compote, Sweet Jerk Sauce, Tamarind-Rum Sauce, Apple-Mango Chutney, Trini-Style Green Vinaigrette, Trini-Style Green Marinade, Jerk Sauce, Curry Blend)
6. Jamaican-style patties (vegan, meat, poultry)
7. Caribbean Sorrel (Hibiscus) Drinks (artisanal)
8. Sweet jerk chicken/dish/meal/sandwich/salad
9. Tamarind chicken dish/meal/sandwich/salad
10. Geera/Caribbean BBQ pulled pork dish/meal
11. Pholourie
12. Coconut sweetbread (chocolate chunk, dried cranberry)
13. Coconut roast bake (Caribbean bread) with/without Saltfish (meal)
14. Tobago-style Lime Juice (artisanal)

About Baccanalle

Get ready to Spice it Up with Baccanalle! We are a local Ottawa specialty foods and catering company specializing in Caribbean Lifestyle foods and beverages. We are owned and operated by award-winning Chef Resa Solomon-St. Lewis. We’re bringing Caribbean prepared meals, baked goods, specialty foods and drinks – with lifestyle choices (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). How about these? Jamaican-style patties (Vegan, Beef, Turkey), Jerk Chicken, Roti, Hibiscus (Sorrel) drinks, Tamarind-rum sauce, Cranberry-Hibiscus compote, and more!