Location: Lansdowne - Fulltime, Lansdowne Park · Vendor Since: 2018
Vendor(s): Alberto Klein
Telephone Number:
(613) 276-0627
Payment Methods:
cash, cheque

Product Type:
Food Court


product1: Arepas
Product 2: Empanadas.
Product 3: Cachapas
Product 4: natural juice

About Empanadas and Arepas Place

Arepas is one the most typical foods in Venezuela. Arepas are made of corn flour and they are like bread in other countries. You can eat them anytime, everywhere and with whatever you want. Arepas are typically stuffed with different kinds of fillings like in a sandwich. They can also be eaten plain, cooked with a filling of meat, poultry or cheese, or simply split open and buttered.
Both Colombians and Venezuelans view the Arepa as a traditional national food. The Arepa has a long tradition in both countries, with local recipes that are very delicious and varied.
Venezuelan empanadas differ from other countries’ (such as Argentina and Chile) in that they are made with corn flour instead of wheat flour. Venezuelan empanadas, akin to empanadas in other countries in the Caribbean, are generally fried instead of baked. The dough for Venezuelan empanadas is made similarly to the arepa dough, using corn flour, water and salt. In some cases the flour can be flavored with any desired ingredient, such as sugar cane, anise, annatto or just broth