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Four Goats Farm

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Market LocationsBarrhaven

Produce TypeMeat, Dairy & Eggs

AboutAt Four Goats Farm, our animals are ecologically raised out on the land in our pastures, forests, and scrublands. With quality nutrition and flavor in mind, we provide pasture-raised certified-organic chicken, pasture-raised pork, and pasture-raised grass-fed goat. Four Goats Farm is located in Delta, ON, on 450 acres owned by Aman Farms – a certified organic farm run by Richard and Karen Cook. Together, we share use of the land in an attempt to bring more of the land under production. We raise our pigs and goats in a rough brushy portion on the farm. Our goal at the farm is to transform rough, marginal land into fertile, productive land through rotational animal grazing, while also providing delicious, nutrient-dense food that nourishes people. Animals play an incredible role in sequestering carbon in the soil and building biomass while grazing and fertilizing the landscape as they move through. Our animals are raised out in the fresh air and sunshine while being fed a natural diet free of any added hormones or GMOs. Not only does this provide a better life for the animals but also a healthier and more delicious product for our customers.

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