Location: Lansdowne - Occasional · Vendor Since: 2013
Vendor(s): Gordon Patterson & Heather Vallieres
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Payment Methods:
cash, visa, mastercard, amex

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Honey & Maple & Pantry Staples


Gordz Hot Sauce is a local grower and producer of a unique line of hot sauces, from our mild habanero nasturtium jelly to our famous all natural hot sauce. We have something to fit every palate.
Products include:
Gordz Hot Sauce: Gordz XXX; Piri Piri; Chipotle;
Habanero/Nasturtium Jelly
Jalapeno Jelly; Jalapeno/Mint Jelly
Righteous Pepper Red Jelly
Spicy Cranberries
Spicy Red Relish Salsa Verde
Cherry Bombs
Pickled Jalapenos; Pickled Serranos; Pickled Fresnos; Pickled Beets
Gordz Special Reserve
Jalapeno/Cheddar Cheese Cornbread
Fresh Salsa
Serrano Powder; Thai Powder; Habanero Powder; Ghost Pepper Powder
Ground Cherry Chutney

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