Location: · Vendor Since: 2019
Vendor(s): Laith Abushaar
Telephone Number:
(819) 220-0064
Payment Methods:
cash, visa, mastercard

Product Type:
Prepared Foods & Baked Goods


Vegan No Sugar Added Chocolate Truffles
1. Mint
2. Peanut Butter Caramel
3. Raspberry
4. Lavender
5. Cafe
6. Cassia (Cinnamon)
7. Lemon Ginger
8. Lime
9. Wild Orange
10. Caffe Corretto (Dark Coffee with Fennel)
11. Hazelnut
12. Spiced Walnuts

About Kinzia Health Food

Kinzia truffles have a base recipe with ingredients that are local including fruits and seeds. The only products that are not Canadian that are either not available or can’t be replaced such as Belgian chocolate and essential oils and other flavours.