Vendor(s): Michel Villeneuve & Carrie McKay
Telephone Number:
(613) 488-3077
Payment Methods:
cash, debit, visa, mastercard

Product Type:
Produce & Plants


Product 1 - fresh blueberries
Product 2 - fresh apples
Product 3 - fresh pears
Year Round:
Product 4 - strawberry wine
Product 5 - raspberry wine
Product 6 - blueberry wine
Product 7 - cranberry wine
Product 8 - pear wine
Product 9 - apple wine
Product 10 - apple chill wine (ice wine)
Product 11 - autumn pleasure wine (special apple wine)
Product 12 - cranberry maple wine
Product 13 - three times the fun wine (combination of apple, grapes, strawberry)

About Les Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm

Les Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm is a family-oriented “U-Pick” or “We-Pick” blueberry farm as well as a pear and apple orchard owned and operated by Carrie McKay and Michel Villeneuve. The farm is located at 1341 Chemin Rollin in St.-Pascal Baylon at the site of the Villeneuve family’s 165 year old farmstead. Our goal is to provide a family-friendly environment for blueberry, grape, pear and apple picking.

We expanded our commercial activities in the spring/summer of 2017 to produce and sell fruit wines from the farm. the expansion included the building of a new wine production shop as well as modifications to the existing farm buildings and part of the 165 year old farm house to host our wine boutique. In this process we obtained the appropriate licenses from Excise Tax Canada to produce the fruit wines, from the LCBO to permit the manufacturing and selling of the wines on-site as well as at Farmers’ Markets.

We produce 10 varieties of wine that we sell in 375ml or 750ml bottles. The varieties are; Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Pear, Apple, Apple Chill (ice wine), Autumn Pleasure (a special process apple wine), Cranberry (s blend of cranberries and maple syrup) and Three Times the Fun (a combination of apples, grapes, and strawberries).

We also create and sell crafts such as quilts, fabric children’s items, glass -on-glass mosaics, and décor items using repurposed barn windows and barn wood.

We would like to sell our wine and craft products at the farmer’s market year-round as well as our fresh fruit (blueberries, pears, grapes and apples) as they come into season during the July to September period.