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Miner Aqua Green Foods

Vendor Contact(s)Frederick Miner (Owner), Kassandra Miner (Marketing & Sales)

Produce TypeProduce

AboutThe Miner family uses innovative aquaponics technology to grow organic greens in water fertilized by Tilapia fish. As an alternative to traditional farming on soil, the leafy greens are grown in an Aquaponic Greenhouse with the help of water and fish, and without the use of earth, chemicals, growth hormones, or pesticides. Their produce varies between lettuce, kale and herbs, and grows 2-3 times faster than traditional farming. They recycle 90% of their water, making it a complete natural cycle! The family team is made up of husband and wife duo Frederick and Guylaine Miner, and their daughter Kassandra Miner. The Miner's aquaponics farm is located in Prescott Russel.

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