Location: Lansdowne - Occasional · Vendor Since: 2016
Vendor(s): Kathy Enright & Corinne Cote
Telephone Number:
(613) 258-0177
Payment Methods:
cash, visa, mastercard

Product Type:
Crafts & Personal Care Products


Raw fleece, rovings, yarn, insoles, socks, blankets, rugs, pillows, duvets, dryer balls, hand knit items and felted soaps. We also make felted items such as framed wall art, nuno scarves (silk & wool), slippers and mittens.
We offer farm visits and a variety of courses.
New products:
Felted alpaca fabric, alpaca liners for planters, decorative felt pot covers

About Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly

Alpaca Tracks is a farming operation where we raise our animals in an environmentally responsible and animal friendly environment with the ultimate goal being to harvest the alpaca wool once a year. The second part of the business is T(h)read Lightly. The nature of T(h)read Lightly is to develop alpaca products. There is a move towards sustainable, environmentally friendly products and that is what we are aiming for.


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