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Interested in becoming a vendor? Join over 150 producers in the Ottawa area by becoming a member of the Ottawa Farmers' Market Association.

We provide environments where local farmers, specialty food processors, and artisans can flourish by delivering premium quality self-produced goods from within the Ottawa region through vibrant community markets.

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Our Vendors

  1. Are within 100 kms from the city of Ottawa
  2. Make, bake or grow their own products
  3. Follow the rules and guidelines of the association

Apply Today

  • Agricultural Vendors

    We accept year-round applications for Agricultural Vendors (produce, meat, cheese, grains, etc.). The Board of Directors will review your application and determine your membership status.

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  • Non-Agricultural Vendors

    We will accept applications for Non-Agricultural Vendors (Prepared Foods, Refreshments, Crafts) again in Winter 2025. Please fill out the vendor interest form below, and we will share the application with you when it is open.

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Application Process

Our members are in charge! As a non-profit association, our market is run by the very vendors who sell with us. This means you can be an active member of the food community in Ottawa and work with us to improve our business through our board of directors. Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by a committee of our vendors with the goal of selecting the best new additions to our association.

What are they looking for? Local ingredients, high quality, and unique products to add to our ever-growing roster of members. Tell us about what makes you special and what you can add to our community. Our committee will invite selected applicants to an informal interview to assist us in making our final decision.

We thank everyone for their interest in joining the Ottawa Farmers’ Market and encourage non-chosen applicants to send us a message if you are looking for clarification on our decision.

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Looking for local ingredients,
high quality, and unique products

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  • What types of vendors can apply to join the Ottawa Farmers' Market Association?

    The OFM has four vendor categories. Please consult Items 11 through 14 of the Ottawa Farmers’ Market Handbook for more information.

    1) Agricultural Vendors: Farm food crops, plants, and/or animals within 100km of Ottawa. Products include produce, meat, cheese, flowers, honey, maple, sauces, wine, soap, and more.

    2) Prepared Food Vendors: Prepare various food products from scratch. Products include beverages, baked goods, coffee and tea, chocolates, preserves, sauces, pre-made meals, and more.

    3) Refreshment (Market Eatery) Vendors: Cook and serve ready-to-eat meals.

    4) Craft Vendors: Create artisan goods by hand. Products include toys, cutting boards, macrame, pottery, and more.

  • Can I resell finished food products or goods from other producers?

    As a producer-only farmers’ market, all products offered for sale must be grown or produced by the applying Vendor. This means that businesses such as importers, butchers, or other resellers are not eligible to join the Market.

  • Can I sell massages, dog walking, or nutrition plans?

    We do not offer vending spaces to businesses offering services (massage, consulting, etc.).

  • I only want to attend the Christmas market, do I still need to apply?

    Yes, all of our farmers’ markets and events (including our popular Christmas Market) are only accessible to our members. Apply today!

  • Do I have to be a registered business?

    You do not need to be a registered business to partake in our farmers’ markets. Though you do not need to be a registered business, you do need insurance and must meet the requirements for Ottawa Health if preparing food. Please see Item 43 and Item 50 of the Vendors’ Handbook for more information.

  • I make and sell the best cookies, falafel, salsa in town, can I apply?

    Absolutely! Please remember that we receive hundreds of interested businesses a year, and consider what vendors are currently offering at our farmers’ market. Make sure to tell us what makes you special! Have a great story or a unique twist on what you offer? Include those details in your application.

  • What is food safety?

    For questions related to food safety at the Farmers’ Market, please consult Farmers’ Markets Ontario Food Safety Guide.

  • How much does it cost to be a member of the Ottawa Farmers' Market Association?

    New members pay a non-refundable membership fee of $150.00 (plus HST) in their first year. In subsequent years, annual membership fees are $50.00 (plus HST). Additionally, there are stall fees for each market season, vendors can select their attendance from three options: a full season vendor, a block vendor, and a daily vendor. Stall fees vary by market and are subject to change.