Farmers' Market FAQs

Get market-ready with answers to these FAQs!

1. Are your Markets open year-round?

The Ottawa Farmers’ Market has four market locations.
The Lansdowne Market is open year-round. It is outdoors from May-October and indoors from November-April.
The Westboro Market, Orleans Market, and Barrhaven Market locations are outdoors only from May-October.

2. Which payment methods do vendors accept?

Most vendors accept debit, credit, and cash. However, some vendors are cash-only, so it’s always a good idea to bring a few bills! The Lansdowne Market has an ATM onsite in case you need cash as well.

3. Can I purchase gift cards for the Market?

Market Dollars are like gift cards for the Market! They make an excellent gift for friends and family who love local, and they can be redeemed at any vendor in all four of our Market locations.
You can use our online order form to purchase Market Dollars. We have a Send By Mail option that includes a message for the gift recipient, and a Market Pick-up option. Click Here to fill out the form.

4. What should I bring with me to the Market?

Our Markets are always happening, rain or shine! Be ready for the outdoors with a water bottle, sunscreen, and umbrella.
As Canada continues to phase out single-use plastic, it’s a great idea to bring small produce bags (mesh and cotton), containers, reusable shopping bags, and reusable utensils. You can always ask if a vendor takes back packaging as well!

5. Are pets allowed at the Market?

We love to see your well-behaved pets at the Market! However, they must follow our Code Of Conduct For Pets. If it is an especially hot day, it’s a good idea to leave your pets at home.

6. I want to get the first pick of the produce! Can I come before Market opening hours?

We encourage Market patrons to wait until the Market officially opens to begin shopping for safety reasons, as vendors are still driving through the Market area and setting up their booths.

7. What are my parking and transportation options?

The Lansdowne Market has parking underground for a fee. However, this parking can fill up quickly, especially if there is another event happening at Lansdowne Park that day. We recommend taking public or active transportation if you are able.
Market Patrons are generally able to find ample parking in surrounding streets and/or lots at our Westboro Market, Orleans Market, and Barrhaven Market locations.

8. If I have a question at the Market, who can I ask?

Each of our Markets has an Info Booth near the Market entrance. The Info Booth has friendly Market staff who can answer all of your questions – they’re also happy to just chat and say hello! You can also visit the Info Booth for first aid, to pick up free Edible Ottawa magazines (while supplies last), and enter prize draws!

9. Where can I find out which vendors will be at the Market? Is there a Market map?

Check our Vendors Attending This Week page! It has Market Maps and lists of which vendors will be at the Market. Please note that while these lists are as accurate as possible, last-minute vendor absences do occur sometimes.
You can also always visit the Market Info Booth to obtain a physical map copy and ask Market Staff about where to find a vendor.

10. I want to get in touch with a vendor. How can I do that?

Visit our Vendor Profiles Page and click on the vendor you are looking for. Each vendor has a profile with info on the vendor, contact information, and web links.

11. What types of vendors can I find at the Market?

To remain a true Farmers’ Market, at least 51% of our vendors are Agricultural Vendors. These are vendors who farm produce, meat, cheese, flowers, honey, maple, sauces, wine, soap, and more. The rest of our vendors fit into three categories…
Prepared Food Vendors prepare various food products from scratch such as beverages, baked goods, sauces, and pre-made meals.
Market Eatery Vendors cook and serve ready-to-eat meals.
Craft Vendors create artisan goods by hand including toys, cutting boards, and pottery.

12. What are “Daily” vendors?

Daily Vendors are occasional vendors. They only visit a Market location every once in a while, so be sure to catch them while they’re there! You can always check our Vendors Attending This Week page to see who is coming.

13. What does “local” and “producer-only” mean to the Ottawa Farmers’ Market?

All of our vendors are local, meaning they are located within 100km of the City of Ottawa.
The Ottawa Farmers’ Market Association is run by and for our vendors! Producer-only means that the folks who make, bake, or grow their products are the people who you see at each Market booth. Our Board of Directors is also 100% made up of vendors in our association.

14. Does the Market run special programming and events?

We enrich our Markets with live music from local musicians, community booths, and special events all year long! Check our Calendar Page to see what’s going on this week.

15. I want to get involved with the Market!

There are several options for members of the community to contribute to the Market.
Volunteer – we could always use an extra pair of hands!
Buskers – perform live music or provide other forms of entertainment at the Market.
Community Booths – local community groups and non-profits can engage with Market patrons.

16. I want to become a vendor!

Please visit our Become A Vendor page and review the rules in our Market Handbook.
We accept applications for Agricultural Vendors year-round. The application for Non-Agricultural Vendors typically opens in the Spring of each year.