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Agricola Cooperative Farm

Vendor Contact(s)Heather Syposz, Hannah Hunter, Natalie Childs, Caleb Langille, Océane Leclair, and Christophe Arsenault

Product OfferingsProduce & Herbs

AboutAgricola Cooperative Farm was founded in 2019 by four friends and young farmers. Agricola is a worker’s cooperative, which means that it’s owned by the workers who grow your food. They believe that food should build community, be ecologically sustainable and be a pleasure to grow and eat. As a cooperative farm, they seek to create meaningful work for themselves by growing organic food that nourishes local communities. Their vegetables are certified organic by Ecocert Canada. In 2022 they were honoured to receive the Prix de la relève agricole du Québec, recognizing their team’s “sense of innovation, diverse skills and engagement in our community”, as well as their commitment to climate and environmental responsibility throughout the business.

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