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Almanac Urban Mill & Bakery

Vendor Contact(s)Gabrielle Prud'homme & Josh McJannett

Market LocationsLansdowne

Product OfferingsBaked Goods

AboutAlmanac is an urban mill and bakery in Ottawa's East end. Almanac is committed to sharing delicious, restorative and healthy Canadian food. They source certified organic heritage grains farmed with integrity and transform them into fresh stone-milled flour. Heritage grains like red fife, rye, spelt, and oats have nourished us since the dawn of civilization. These old varieties are best suited to organic, low-input agriculture where no chemicals are used, providing a nutritious and distinct harvest, without the environmental impact of large-scale farming. Almanac mills the entire seed by crushing it between two stones, so that you can enjoy the grains with all their nutrients and flavour still intact. Did we mention heritage grains are DELICIOUS? Try them in Almanac's signature sourdough loaves, focaccia, cookies, scones, butter tarts, muffins, and brownies!

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