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Bisou Dates & Chocolates

Vendor Contact(s)Maha Surani

Produce TypePrepared Food

AboutBisou Dates was founded in 2018 in Ontario, Canada. The three co-founders wanted to create healthy snacks that they could feel good about serving their friends and family. Having Middle Eastern roots, the co-founders wanted to bring a taste of the region, and noticed that the North American market was beginning to enjoy healthy alternatives from abroad. Many of their friends and family had specifically mentioned their love of Medjool dates and the super benefits that come with it. After a lot of trial and error, farmers markets, and taste tests, Bisou Dates was launched with a product line consisting of date bites and date butters. The company was built around the foundation of healthy, simple, and clean ingredients. We eat it, we share it, we love it. Join us in snacking nature’s way.