Vendor(s): Ivan & Jocelyne Garland
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cash, cheque

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Honey & Maple & Pantry Staples


Maple Syrup and maple products

About Garland Sugar Shack

Get to know the Garland family and our passion for all maple/sugar products. You can always come visit us at the Shack in Vars or come see us at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market on Sundays.

Our maple syrup production now consists of about 4,300 taps and expanding, which all started like most producers with a few hundred taps with buckets and boiling on a box stove. Our family operation now consists of a 4’x16′ wood-fired evaporator with sap collected from 3 different bushes of a mix of soft and hard maples with the help of a pipeline and vacuum pump. The sap is collected in early spring (mid March to mid April), and is very thin, almost like water, but contains about 2 percent sugar (sucrose). While it may yield sap for 100 years or more, a tree is usually not mature enough for permanent tapping until it reaches 45 years old. One tree might yield 10 gallons over the course of four weeks. The sap is boiled to drive off the water, and eventually you get maple syrup.

As a compliment to the production of maple syrup, we’ve added transformation of our liquid gold to make these lip-smacking products: Maple butter, candies, jelly, sugar, popcorn, tarts, cones and cotton candy. This you MUST try!