Vendor(s): Haico Krijgsman
Telephone Number:
(613) 255-2269
Payment Methods:
cash, cheque, debit

Product Type:
Honey & Maple & Pantry Staples


6 hot sauces in our standard line including:
Canadian Jerk
Ring of Fire
Mustard Menace
50 Shades of Pain
Garlic Ghost
Scorpions Kiss
3 to 5 limited edition hot sauces (depending on availability of peppers)
Honey Mustard BBQ sauce made with smoked Roma tomatoes, Spanish onion, local garlic, local honey and local maple syrup
Mustard Menace Aioli made with Mustard Menace hot sauce

About Haico’s Hot Sauce

We grow the spiciest peppers in the world and make hot sauce with heat AND flavour. Mild to Wild!!!