Location: Lansdowne - Fulltime · Vendor Since: 2018
Vendor(s): Matthew Stevens-DaCosta
Telephone Number:
(888) 320-7770
Payment Methods:
cash, cheque

Product Type:
Prepared Foods & Baked Goods


Jamaican Jerk Sauce

About Jambel Cuisine

JAMBEL is a bijou family run food company. We pride ourselves on promoting and partnering with local food producers. We are firm believers that supporting local business breeds a strong economic community. Shop local, eat local, be local is our adage.
JAMBEL products are made with fresh, seasonal and local produce. JAMBEL flavours are rooted in Jamaican and Belgian cuisine. Our food has won over many a reluctant customer, who at first, were apprehensive to experience a new taste sensation.
Eclectic in flavour and in services, JAMBEL does it all! JAMBEL offers catering services for modest venues. Additionally, JAMBEL provides a custom prepared meal service. JAMBEL tailors meals to your specific food needs (allergies and sensitivities). Homemade meals for the day, week or month(s) JAMBEL is at your service.
Good tasting, wholesome and local cuisine is the JAMBEL way. Please like us on Facebook or call us at 1-888-320-7770