Location: Lansdowne - Occasional · Vendor Since: 2018
Vendor(s): Megan Egerton
Telephone Number:
(613) 820-9737
Payment Methods:
cash, visa, mastercard, amex

Product Type:
Crafts & Personal Care Products


Product 1) Yarn Bowls
Product 2) Herb Markers
Product 3) Bowls
Product 4) Platters
Product 5) Mugs
Product 6) Earrings
Product 7) Necklaces
Product 8) Plates
Product 9) Ornaments
Product 10) Planters

About Meg’s Pottering

Meg’s Pottering creates original pottery that is both beautiful and functional. Each piece has been lovingly made by Megan Egerton. Megan makes everything from yarn bowls to mugs to jewelry – ideal gifts for others or to spoil yourself.