Location: Lansdowne - Occasional, Lansdowne Winter Market · Vendor Since: 2017
Vendor(s): Ryan Merrifield & Monica Proscia
Telephone Number:
(613) 809-6217
Payment Methods:
cash, visa, mastercard, amex

Product Type:
Meat & Dairy & Egg Products


1) Frozen Whole chicken
2) Whole chickens cut into parts
3) Cuts of Chicken:
- Thighs
- Breasts
- Legs
- Wings

About Merrifield Farms

Merrifield Farms (est. 2014) is an Eastern Ontario family run producer of grass fed, free range chicken. We sell directly from our farm to you, serving communities from Ottawa to Kingston. In 2017, we were proud to announce the addition of free range meat chickens to our operation.

We grow our chicken to the highest standards:
• free range
• antibiotic free
• artificial growth hormone free
• and raised on GMO-free feed

Our chickens are started in an environmentally controlled space within our open chicken coop. When the chicks have matured and begin to feather, they are relocated to pasture. In the pasture we have a mobile barn, with no floor and open walls, to provide shelter and protection for the chickens. This allows them the freedom to naturally choose their preferred environment.